Due to Covid-19, Meadowbrook is not allowing any visitors in our building at this time. This is subject to change so please continue to check for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Do you have semi private and private rooms?
A: Yes we do!

Q: Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances?
Yes we do!  We do the billing, too.

Q: May children and pets visit?
A: Yes, we encourage it!

Q: Are there visiting hours?
A: We have open visiting hours, but the front door is locked at 9:00 pm so visitors must ring bell and be escorted in.

Q: May my doctor attend to me at Meadowbrook?
A: Yes, any doctor may attend here; however, he/she will need to comply with facility policy.  We have an excellent team of doctors ready to serve you while at Meadowbrook.

Q: Do I bring my own clothes?
A: Yes, we like folks to be up and out everyday when possible.

Q: Do I bring my TV and phone?
A: Short term rehab rooms come with TV, cable and phone.  If a resident is staying long term, he/she must provide own TV and phone ( cable and Wi-Fi is provided free of charge ).

Q: What about my laundry?
A: Laundry services are provided free of charge.  All clothes and personal items must be labeled by facility.

Q: Can I get my hair done?
A: Of course!  We offer barber and beauty shop services three days per week at reasonable rates.

Q: What about my medications?
A: Doctor-ordered medications will be provided to you via our in-house pharmacy, coordinated by Lifeline Pharmacy. Insurances and Medicare part D plans will be billed for what they will cover in your plan.

Q: What if I need to stay long term residential and I cannot afford to pay privately?
A: Meadowbrook offers a Medicaid consultant to assist in both eligibility and application process.

Q: Can I have guests come for a meal?
A: Yes!  For a nominal charge, and a little notice, your guests can enjoy a delicious meal with you.

Q: What will I do with my time?
A: Everyone has a different level of socialization and activity.  We offer groups and programs led by professionals and volunteers every day and several evenings a week.  From exercise, to trivia, to cooking to crafts... a variety of church services and great entertainment.  You can choose what you want to do, and out team will accommodate your individual preferences.

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